MentorMate at MobCon 2014

MentorMate is, once again, a proud 5-bar sponsor of MobCon. MobCon is the premier mobile strategy, technology and marketing conference and will be held November 13 & 14 at the Hyatt Regency Minneapolis.   This will be our third year, jumping in with both feet. We have been fortunate enough to secure three speaking opportunities, and […]

Apple Pay and The Impending Rebirth of NFC 729x360

Tap To Live: Apple Pay and The Impending Rebirth of NFC

When Apple announced the iPhone 6, one feature stood above the rest. In 2011, Google and Microsoft added Near Field Communications capabilities to their flagship devices. In 2014, Apple finally followed the industry, announcing that the iPhone 6 uses NFC for Apple Pay. In 2012, I used the still-young technology along with the Google Nexus […]

Confessions of a Developer 729x360

Confessions of a Developer

In our years as professional software developers, we have witnessed great injustices done in the name of a finished product. However, few brave engineers have the audacity to turn that watchful eye inwards and inspect their own dark souls. We must admit our faults and surrender to the greater power of the API. Let’s recite […]

Taylor Corp Acquires MentorMate

Why Taylor Corp Acquired MentorMate

This month, we are starting the second chapter in MentorMate’s exciting history by taking the company to yet a new level by teaming up with Taylor Corporation of Mankato, Minnesota. Taylor is a $1.7 billion group consisting of about 80 companies primarily in print and marketing with a great strategic focus on accelerating their mobile leadership.