wellness trends

Taking a pulse on wellness trends

What’s the prognosis for wellness and prevention in the U.S.? There’s room for improvement. Medication nonadherence remains one noticeable symptom of the larger problem. That said, there’s also a wealth of opportunity. Here’s potential some of the MentorMate team is excited about.

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The power of preventative health

Treating patients retroactively for chronic conditions that developed after years of poor habits is costly, and often, ineffective. Habits have formed, and they can be all but impossible to shake — like not finishing a piece of pepperoni pizza halfway through the slice. Now imagine if you hadn’t taken that first bite.

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Considering the growth potential for Digital Health

Compared to its renown in the Medical Device Cluster, the Minnesota economy is less-recognized as a leader in Digital Health. According to data collected by Rock Health, the growth of venture funding for Digital Health outpaced Software, Biotech, Med Device and all other venture verticals in 2014. It’s clear, seeds have been sown to grow a successful Digital Health market in Minnesota, but there’s work to be done — especially considering the industry potential.