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What Retailers Need To Know About iBeacon Technology

Retailers find themselves battling online competition for their shrinking share of the market. In a time where 19% of shoppers leave a store to shop online for lower prices, some believe the retail industry is endangered. But now, new technology may provide a way for brick-and-mortar stores to fight back. The technology, called beacons, are […]

What It Takes To Launch The Next Successful Tech Startup

Many dream of one day becoming an entrepreneur and starting their own business. With recent trends showing mobile tech as one of the hottest startup sectors, young entrepreneurs are wondering what it would take to follow their dream. Surely in the coming years many will pursue, but few will find success. If you want to […]

20 Mobile Industry Expert Predictions for 2014

In 2013, we saw major advancements in the mobile industry. The most recent hot topic of the mobile world is wearable technology, offering all new data and statistics to the users. Cloud-based data storage was another big trend, expanding the limits of what mobile can offer. Another trend came with marketing taking on a new […]