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The art and science of app store keywords

A mobile app can’t be used if it can’t be found. It’s critical that you have a strategy and select the keywords to help achieve your goal rank. That’s why the three letters on every digital marketing expert or tech entrepreneurs’ mind today are A-S-O. Why? It’s one of the KEY factors determining whether their apps are visible in search and downloaded by the imagined target audience. In fact, select apps have seen a 300% uptick in downloads from leveraging keyword optimization.

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The essential app store optimization guide

To turn heads in the Apple App or Google Play Stores, apps must first face a rigorous test — public opinion. It must be downloaded. But, competition is fierce. While there’s no magic solution, app store optimization can help. In our 2015 guide, we walk you through the fundamentals and show you how to start reaping the benefits of this mobile app marketing tactic.

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Tailoring the fundamentals of digital experiences

The best UI/UX creates a feeling of comfort that users are cared for and operating in technology that feels uniquely designed for them. Nothing is overdone or gaudy. All is beautifully useful. The first experience with the design feels familiar, but each time you revisit it, the experience improves and gradually the quality and details reveal themselves.

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Crafting an integrated digital experience for France 44

Consumer habits are fragmented. Some users may download a business’ new app. Some will visit a new site. Others will do both. Today it’s ever more difficult for a single digital asset or differentiator to break through the chorus of other products looking to solo. That’s exactly what we helped one Midwest wine, beer, spirit and charcuterie retailer do — break through the chorus. Our integrated digital experience for France 44 leveraged a new app, website and beacon technology all created to enhance or mirror the in-store atmosphere.