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Day in the Life of a Web Designer

Do you ever wonder exactly what it is web developers and graphic designers do all day? See what really goes on through the lens of a not-so-hidden camera I set up … on myself. View the inner-workings of MentorMate LLC in this uncut 8-hour workday compressed to a delightful, bite-sized, two minute piece of eye candy.

Alex Krasny on linkedin
Alex Krasny
Content Marketing Specialist at MentorMate
Front-end Developer, Social Media Acrobat & Blogger

Alex Krasny comes from a design and advertising background with a long history of personal blogging. Alex has worn many hats at MentorMate starting with graphic designer and ending up in a hybrid position we call Creative Marketing Specialist.

When not developing CMS websites for clients or writing blog posts at MentorMate he is probably researching new or long-forgotten ways to tie a necktie.
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