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Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

Mobile Website Optimization refers to developing a website that is specifically created for mobile browsers. In most cases, this is a version of your current site except it is optimized to work on a variety of mobile devices through the native Internet browser. There are distinct advantages to building a mobile site before building an app, or for building a mobile site in conjunction with an app.
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9 Easy Ways to Speed Up Your Website's Load Time

Load time optimization is important not only to maximize your site's user-friendliness, but also to optimize your web site's search rankings. These nine tips are intended to help webmasters improve efficiency and rank better in order to get the most out of their web presence.
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Optimized paging query implementation for Microsoft SQL Server 2005

Paging queries or paging records is an often-used approach in web applications. It displays subsets of data records as a page, allowing the user to navigate more easily through all pages. The straightforward implementation of a paging query running over large data sets in a stored procedure in MS SQL 2005 can cause increased server load when large numbers of paging queries are executed simultaneously.