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SEO Diagram

The following SEO diagram was designed for our SEO presentation. It does a particularly good job of giving an overview of how we get through various steps of SEO to ultimately result in more revenue. A good way to read it is to work your way backwards, starting at the conversions step. Obviously this has a focus on revenue-generating web sites, but most of its principles can be associated with any SEO effort.

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19 Signs Your Web Site Was Poorly Designed and/or Developed

MentorMate’s web marketing team has created a list of some commonly-found problems in web site design. These flaws are detrimental aspects to the site in terms of actual site functionality, usability, and/or search engine optimization. They are problems that are readily apparent without an extensive technical background, and ranked in order, beginning with the most severe red flag and ending with more minor inconveniences that could be improved upon.