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At the core of your company’s web or mobile engagement you need talented software engineers developing top-notch applications

Whether you plan to launch the latest social, local or mobile application or you want to re-factor/re-engineer your backend systems and integrations, it’s difficult to find the right partner. Communication, transparency, quality, timeliness and ownership are just some of the values necessary for a successful relationship.

We utilize an agile methodology to code quickly and efficiently in fixed-length sprints. At the end of each sprint is a quality checkpoint during which your expectations and ideas guide the next sprint. The result? A collaborative application development process which maximizes communication and transparency, while adhering to a predetermined timeline, and delivering quality, production-ready code at the end of every sprint.

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Application Development Services:

Mobile Development

Regardless of the type of mobile app you have in mindwe have a solution that fits your business needs. Our mobile business solutions include full native iOS and Android apps, web-based hybrid apps and native cross-platform apps.

Full-Stack Web Development

Utilizing best practices and the latest technologies— .NET, Java, PHP, Node.js, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, frameworks and more—we handle front-end design and back-end development to deliver integrated web applications that can help you surpass the competition.

General Software

In addition to mobile technologies and web technologies, we have expertise in Java desktop, Windows desktop and Mac desktop software solutions, giving you options that fit your business environment.

Quality Assurance

As a means of eliminating issues during the development process, we follow strict quality standards and guidelines to ensure your business objectives are met. We thoroughly monitor the software development process in order to deliver features and functionality that surpass your expectations.

Project Management

Keeping your project on scope, on time and on budget is our primary goal. We do this by allocating the appropriate resources, eliminating silos and adhering to your preconceived business goals and objectives.

Agile Scrum Methodology

Flexible and adaptable with an emphasis on collaboration denote our approach to software development and workflow. By following the Agile Scrum Methodology, we move swiftly and accurately through the development process and give our customers a voice in all decisions and iterations.

Wade Beavers

“The developers are very very good at critical thinking, and sometimes when we think something is right they’re willing to actually take it a step further.”

Wade BeaversCEO DoApp Inc.