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A great app could go unnoticed without a campaign to raise awareness and tools to drive targeted demand

Keeping pace with today’s consumer—connected, educated and global—is challenging for your brand, and even more challenging for your sales force. Differentiating your business through authentic and relevant digital marketing is paramount to generating business. Your mobile strategy must include tools, not only to engage customers, but also to educate your sales force. That is where we come in.

We take digital marketing one step further by customizing your campaign to directly answer the needs of your customers. They are asking questions and seeking solutions in a crowded digital landscape, we make sure your solution is the one they find. In addition, we specialize in developing sales choreographies coordinated across multiple channels to give your sales force the tools they need to drive exponential growth.

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Digital Marketing Services:

App Store Optimization

The most common way users find mobile apps is through general browsing in an app store. This is why App Store Optimization is so critical. We’ll perform thorough keyword research and collect competition data, then use it to position your mobile app listing to rank as high as possible in the App Store and Google Play to maximize new user acquisition.

Search Engine Optimization

Keywords play a critical role in Search Engine Optimization. To improve your visibility in a competitive market, we’ll research industry keywords, gather ranking and competition data, and position your website to rank higher than your competition in organic searches.

Sales Choreography

Customer engagement can occur through a variety of channels, making it difficult for your sales staff to keep pace with changing technology. We understand the complexities of maintaining brand consistency and awareness across multiple channels and can develop customized tools and tactics that can help your sales force choreograph their approach to generating leads.

Digital Advertising

Optimize your company’s online advertising opportunities via retargeting and search engine advertising campaigns. Through keyword research and backend tools, we can help maximize click-through rates and increase conversions.

Explainer Videos

Product or service overview videos can be an integral part of your overall marketing strategy when prominently displayed on your website and repurposed in social media.  From concept development to motion graphics and voiceovers, our high-end explainer videos can help enhance your brand and give users a glimpse into your company’s vision.

Marketing Websites

Generate interest, leads and action with a customized website built to market your brand. Template-based website platforms allow us to quickly and efficiently launch a web presence for you that energizes and educates your target audience.

Digital Marketing Strategy

A multifaceted online marketing approach, one that encompasses social media, email campaigns, website analytics, content creation and customer relationship management, can engage prospects and drive demand. We’ll assist your business in developing an effective digital marketing strategy that can help generate leads and optimize your conversion rate.

Dug Nichols

“Y’all nailed it with your ASO title and keyword recommendations! We’re now ahead of both TotSpot and ThredUp in pretty much every spot we’re featured in in the App Store. Considering ThredUp is a $46mm Series D funded startup I’d say that’s pretty impressive! Organic download growth has jumped and I couldn’t be happier!”

Dug NicholsCEO, Kidizen