Generative AI Panel: Opportunities, Challenges and Implications

Join us for a panel discussion about the many opportunities across multiple domains, challenges to overcome, and implications within generative AI.

MentorMate Paraguay is proud to host this event that brings together subject matter experts in generative AI, including our own Carlos Rodríguez and Sebastián Ortiz.


In recent months, particularly during the last few weeks, Generative AI has made a profound impact across various media outlets with remarkable and impressive examples of computers mimicking certain human skills and abilities. From composing short poems on a given topic to producing intricate figures and paintings based on textual prompts, Generative AI has captured the attention of not only computer researchers, ICT professionals, and tech enthusiasts, but also the general public.


Despite the extensive coverage of Generative AI during this period, there remain numerous questions and uncertainties surrounding this technology, its potential opportunities, and the challenges, and implications of its widespread use in organizations and society at large.


This panel aims to engage the audience in thoughtful consideration and reflection on Generative AI by exploring its various aspects from a broad perspective, including its opportunities and challenges, and its implications for society


Key takeaways

  • A better understanding of what this technology is
  • How can Generative AI be used as an innovation tool
  • What are the core concerns regarding this technology in terms of challenges and implications


  • Carlos Rodríguez, Data & Analytics Manager, MentorMate


  • Benjamín Barán, Dean, Faculty of Informatics, UCOM
  • Sebastián Ortiz, VP of Engineering – LATAM, MentorMate
  • Carla Cassanello, Country Manager | Google Oficial Media Sales Representative Paraguay
  • Cristhian Parra, Head of Experimentation, PNUD