23 September – 12 November, 2020  Plovdiv, Varna, Veliko Tarnovo

QA Academy’s objective is to provide the necessary tools and knowledge on how to land a job in the IT sector, and in particular – the QA field. To facilitate that, the academy will feature an engaging set of lectures, practical assignments, and exercise activities that will prepare you to become a real QA expert. And yes, it’s free!

Darina Darakchieva

Junior QA Specialist

„The whole QA Academy experience was super cool, but above all, the Academy was structured very well, it was dynamic and attention-grabbing. The lecturers always found ways to present the material in an intriguing way. Last, but not least, I would recommend the QA Academy because it is a great way to find a job in QA.“

Galin Stanchev

Junior QA Specialist

„I learned what software is, how it works, and how it can be broken. I also developed my soft skills. I really enjoyed that part, because before that I always imagined people in a software company to be kind of boring. I learned how to better collaborate with my colleagues in the Academy. I also got acquainted with QA tools and methodologies of developing software, such as Scrum.“

About the Academy

Academy start
23 September 2020

Six weeks 

Twice a week

Duration per session
2h 30min


Six QA experts

QA Fundamentals Theory and Practice

Take-home assignment after each lecture

All sessions will be recorded

Theoretical and practical exam

Suitable for
People interested in QA

Beginners, no previous experience required


23 SPT 2020


24 SPT 2020


29 SPT 2020

Project Phases and Scrum – Ekaterina Stamatova

01 OCT 2020

Stories, Issues & Jira – Umugul Kyazimova

06 OCT 2020

Test Cases and Test Strategy – Velislava Minkova

08 OCT 2020

Web service testing – Umugul Kyazimova

13 OCT 2020

Web Testing – Velislava Minkova

15 OCT 2020

Mobile Testing – Velislava Minkova

19 OCT 2020

Usability Testing & Time Zone Testing – Yoana Lalova

20 OCT 2020

Basic jMeter & Performance Testing – Stefan Shopov

27 OCT 2020

MSSQL Testing – Umugul Kyazimova

29 OCT 2020

Automation Basics – Dimitar Tarkalanov

Week off

10 NOV 2020

Theoretical Exam – Ekaterina Stamatova

12 NOV 2020

Practical Exam – Ekaterina Stamatova

„Quality means doing it right
even when no one is looking.“

– Henry Ford

Meet your mentors

Stefan Shopov

QA Manager

As a QA Маnager in the QA department, Stefan balances between several roles – a mentor, a trainer, a QA expert and a great helping hand in the development of MentorMate’s office in his home city of Ruse. He has been an integral part of the MentorMate team for over 5 years. Stefan is also a certified Scrum Master, has an ISTQB Foundation Level certificate and has gone through a CISCO CCNA training. He loves to share his knowledge in different trainings at MentorMate and also talked at the DevTalks event in 2017 and at a QA workshop at MobCon Europe. Being an active sportsperson, Stefan is a big tennis fan, a cyclist, and a round-the-world traveler – he has already visited 33 countries on 5 continents.

Dimitar Tarkalanov

QA Lead

Dimitar’s career path started as a system administrator, and two years later he decided to take a turn and work as a QA. He joined MentorMate in 2017 as a QA Analyst and developed his skills to work in automation. His experience includes projects in telecommunications, e-commerce, and healthcare. Dimitar is a team player with strong organisational and communication skills. Dimitar loves to share his knowledge in MentorMate’s Internal Automation Training initiative. Now, a QA Lead, he manages automation processes and activities, he is the lead of two automation projects, and upgrades the automation framework, created by MentorMate.

Ekaterina Stamatova

Senior QA Analyst

“Life is just like a game”, an Einstein quote goes. For Ekaterina, too, a whole new chapter opened when a friend asked her to test a game he was working on. Within a day, she found a lot of bugs and thought that was a fun job. And here she is now – testing software, giving trainings in web services courses and mentoring newcomers at MentorMate. A never-failing thirst for knowledge makes everyday challenges into perks for her, so it is only logical that she is a certified Scrum Master, holds an ISTQB Foundation Level certification and even a Japanese language proficiency diploma. Ekaterina takes great pleasure in reading and travelling and has already been to 20 countries (yet, still catching up with Stefan).

Umugul Kyazimova

Senior QA Analyst

Working in the IT sector was Umugul’s childhood dream and it was nothing short of natural when she started as а .NET developer. Shortly after, in 2016, she joined MentorMate as a QA. She enjoys working with colleagues from all over the world, learning new technologies and sharing her experience with new team members. Outside of her office hours, Umugul loves to read books, take long walks with friends and go to car races.

Velislava Minkova

QA Analyst

Belonging to that 1% of humankind who hate chocolate and love physics, Velislava stepped into the professional world as a teacher in physics. After a while, however, a friend hooked her to quality assurance, a sphere of daily challenges and great variety. So, for the past 3 years, she has been part of MentorMate’s QA team, testing responsive sites, mobile apps, admin portals, and much more, using multiple testing tools and technologies.

Yoana Lalova

QA Analyst

A proficient analyst with more than 3 years of QA experience, Yoana has established herself as a proven specialist who sets the tone with her insights and ownership skills. She has developed her expertise by working on a mobile app for measuring blood sugar levels, a platform for creating lesson plans for students and a purchasing app for airline tickets using no monetary fees. Yoana was also a lecturer at a number of internal QA training sessions in the last year and continues to mentor our colleagues. Her qualifications include a completed Automation training course and a Scrum Master certificate. She is an avid reader with a keen interest in engaging in more challenging automation projects.

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