Kate Witte

Kate is known for skillfully blending the dynamic force of Behavioral Design with a standout user-centered ethos to shape potent and resonant design solutions. Her deep-rooted interest in the interplay between human behavior and technology endows her with a distinctive perspective that seamlessly fuses the analytical science of decision-making with user experience.

Armed with a Master’s Degree in Behavioral Economics from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, Kate has meticulously built her career around demystifying the driving forces behind human choices. She channels these insights to create digital interfaces that innately resonate with and engage users. Her extraordinary skill lies in intricately blending behavioral insights and user research, carving custom solutions that are visually appealing and fundamentally aligned with the user’s needs.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Kate cherishes the serenity of nature — indulging in hiking, tending to her garden, enjoying literature on her patio, and seizing every opportunity to unwind by Minnesota’s stunning lakes.

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