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MentorMate’s SEO diagram

With a target that constantly shifts, much ado has been made about the rapidly changing tactics of search engine optimization (SEO) and whether it remains a viable technical practice. Surely, as Google’s algorithm becomes more advanced, SEO returns diminish, right?

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How to increase app downloads [5 proven strategies]

App store optimization ensures that through keyword selection, inclusion and repetition along with category selection, your app will be found. Conversion optimization is a completely different game. Winning at conversion optimization means when your app is found users like what they see, and they download it.


The art and science of app store keywords

A mobile app can’t be used if it can’t be found. It’s critical that you have a strategy and select the keywords to help achieve your goal rank. That’s why the three letters on every digital marketing expert or tech entrepreneurs’ mind today are A-S-O. Why? It’s one of the KEY factors determining whether their apps are visible in search and downloaded by the imagined target audience. In fact, select apps have seen a 300% uptick in downloads from leveraging keyword optimization.

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The essential app store optimization guide

To turn heads in the Apple App or Google Play Stores, apps must first face a rigorous test — public opinion. It must be downloaded. But, competition is fierce. While there’s no magic solution, app store optimization can help. In our 2015 guide, we walk you through the fundamentals and show you how to start reaping the benefits of this mobile app marketing tactic.