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JFreeChart Bar Chart Tutorial for Dynamic Java Web Applications

There are a lot of tutorials and posts explaining how to display a chart in a web application and which libraries to use. I am going to show the process from receiving the http request from the client to sending the response back from the server. I will share my real experience with JFreeChart and the servlet technology for creating and displaying dynamic charts in Java based web application.


“java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space” Unexpected Tomcat Crash – Solved

Recently, we’ve been dealing with an issue related to our Tomcat Application Server and wanted to share how we solved this one. We found one that the application server was irrelevant (it could be Glassfish or another as well). The server was running the latest version, Tomcat Application Server 6.0.18, and it was crashing in irregular intervals. There was no easy solution because the server stopped making logs before crashing.