5 Things to Consider When Scaling Your Digital Health Startup

As part of Twin Cities Startup Week, we’re hosting a talk about scaling your digital health startup!

Too often, when developing a software product, startups are focused on the “champagne problem” at the end of the road. What entrepreneurs don’t think about are the roadblocks or diversions your team will encounter along the way. We will share five situations and five solutions that’ll help ensure there’s not one, but many, bubbly drinks in the future of your software. Talk is geared towards healthcare startups but all are welcome to attend!

Featured Speaker

Björn Stansvik
Björn Stanvik

CEO, MentorMate

As founder and CEO of global software development firm MentorMate, Björn Stansvik has steered the company’s vision from inception to over 400 full-time employees, accelerating digital ideas with end-to-end technology services since 2001.

Under Björn's leadership, MentorMate has grown its technical capabilities across industries. MentorMate was named a 2016 Top ICT Employer in Bulgaria, and in 2017 the Star Tribune included the company on its Top 150 Workplaces list. The newest of its seven offices opened in AstraZeneca’s BioVentureHub in Göteborg, Sweden in 2016.