AWS Bulgaria #43 – Use AWS Network Firewall to filter outbound traffic

Learn about AWS Network Firewall, an excellent service to control inbound and outbound traffic filtering.

MentorMate is proud to host and co-organize this event at our Sofia office. NOTE: This event will be in Bulgarian.


АWS Network Firewall (NFW) is a relatively new service, introduced at the end of 2020, it provides functionalities impossible to get from the good old AWS Web Application Firewall (WAF) service. For example, by using NFW, the outbound traffic could be protected and no valuable data can be pulled, even if access is gained to a specific service. In this presentation, Boyan Ikonomov will show how to implement centralized network management based on the hub-and-spoke model and involve AWS Transit Gateway service for connecting different VPCs and a single NFW service, controlling both inbound and outbound traffic.


About Boyan
Boyan Ikonomov is coming from the ISP business and has a strong networking and system administration background. Currently, he is a Cloud Architect at MentorMate, and his vast experience in IT since 1998 is making him a key figure in the company’s Cloud Center of Excellence. Since joining MentorMate in 2020, he has worked on projects for various industries like healthcare, gaming and entertainment, marketing, and more. He holds many certifications, including AWS Advanced Networking Specialty, AWS Security Specialty, AWS Solutions Architect Professional, AWS DevOps Engineer Professional, and Kubernetes Administrator.