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Through our partnership with CUNA Mutual Group, we help them bring new, innovative insurance and financial products like Bivvy pet insurance to life.
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Bringing New Insurance Products to Market

CUNA Mutual Group has trusted MentorMate with its software needs since February 2016. Over the years, we’ve worked with CUNA Mutual Group’s innovation group H3IC to test the viability and bring multiple consumer-centric financial products to life. Some of the projects we’ve worked on include the job loss insurance platform SafetyNet and the round-up savings product Cookie Jar. 


When CUNA Mutual Group decided to develop a first-of-its-kind pet insurance product, they again chose MentorMate as their technical partner to make it happen. With Bivvy, the company aimed to make buying pet insurance more affordable and less complicated than other products on the market. 

"Throughout all of our engagements with MentorMate, the thing we’re consistently amazed by is the flexibility. MentorMate works with us to meet our business needs, and there’s always been a direct line of communication between the technical, operations, and leadership teams of both of our companies."

Greg Raddemann

Program Manager Innovation, CUNA Mutual Group

Bivvy pet insurance home screen.

Streamlining Pet Insurance

We worked with CUNA Mutual Group to determine how best to achieve its business objectives with Bivvy. We designed and built a multi-payment provider, responsive .NET website that could easily take secure monthly payments from customers. It also has a built-in rules engine, the ability to create customized insurance documents in real-time, and an admin portal for the Bivvy customer service team to evaluate and pay out claims.

"Our global MentorMate team is like an extension of our team. We work together and celebrate successes just as we would with our people internally. We’ve also experienced minimal turnover, so we’ve kept our staffing consistent with many of the same team members over the years."

Chris Sonnenburg

Chief Technologist, Bivvy

Bivvy pet insurance sign up screen.

Working Smarter and More Efficiently

CUNA Mutual Group takes a lean startup approach with its H3IC work that allows them to fail fast, learn quickly, and adapt as needed to bring new insurance products to market in a timely manner. With that approach in mind, we opted to adapt the existing SafetyNet platform for Bivvy rather than build something entirely from scratch. Since both Bivvy and SafetyNet are insurance products, many of the elements and functionality transferred from one platform to the other with some minor tweaks. 


Bivvy first launched in the fall of 2018 and was a huge success. Since the initial launch, we transitioned the platform to a more robust Microsoft Azure cloud environment with an Umbraco .NET content management system (CMS) to handle the increased demand.

"The goal of our team is to fail fast, so we built the original platform to try something quickly. But once we launched Bivvy and saw its success, we had to extend the platform dramatically to keep up with all that success we were seeing."

Chris Sonnenburg

Chief Technologist, Bivvy

Bivvy pet insurance sign up screen.

Accounting for Continued Success

Since Bivvy first launched, it’s grown from a startup to a full-scale insurance platform that services tens of thousands of customers in over 40 states. To date, Bivvy has paid out millions in claims to policyholders who found themselves in financial need due to unexpected pet expenses. As noted above, an impact on the platform itself was the need to upgrade the infrastructure to handle the traffic demands that came with Bivvy’s success.

Bivvy pet insurance coverage screen.