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App Monetization Expanded

NativeX, an app monetization and user acquisition platform, attracted some of the largest names in business when it launched in 2000. Owners knew to maintain business in an increasingly mobile space, they must expand advertising efforts there too. To meet users on mobile devices, NativeX needed a new platform. That also meant scaling their organization, infrastructure and development teams — quickly.


Mobile Advertising

NativeX didn’t need just one new tool. They needed a suite. A new advertising platform, several websites and apps with predictive analytics capabilities helped NativeX make an impact and crack the mobile advertising market.


Millions Of Users Served

Within three years, NativeX became a leading native mobile ad network, serving millions of users every day. Cloud resources, noSQL data stores and state-of-the-art data science algorithms power the platform to show the right ad to the right user thousands of times every second.