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We provided hockey coaches the means to utilize video as a teaching tool while allowing families to tune in to the game from afar.
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Don't Miss A Moment of the Action

As one of the fastest growing youth sports in America, ice hockey’s spectator following has grown as well. Parents, grandparents, friends, and other family members don’t want to miss a second of the action. Additionally, since hockey is such a fast-paced sport, it can be difficult for coaches to see everything happening on the ice.

Our client’s innovative video platform addresses all of that. It records and streams the game so that those at home never miss a moment and coaches have professional quality videos of every game to aid in their coaching plans.

Capturing the Moments That Matter Most

To capture as much of the action as possible, each rink is outfitted with three different cameras: one on each end and a wide-angle in the center. A custom-built backend system records live footage from each camera and streams it to viewers at home. DVR functionality allows viewers to jump to specific moments while the stream is still live. Viewers are also able to freely switch between all three cameras throughout the stream.

After the game, all the video footage is available for on-demand playback. Additionally, coaches can tag moments of interest in real time to revisit later to use as a teaching tool for their athletes.

All of this robust functionality is powered by a combination of MS Azure services — VMs, Web apps, DB, Azure functions, blob storage, etc, custom automation scripts and external software called Wowza Streaming engine.

“The process of working in sprint cycles really worked out well for us and having daily standups kept things moving quickly and efficiently. The development team was able to bring up questions or issues and we were able to address them immediately. It really kept everyone on the same page and helped us achieve our goals.”

Founder & CEO

Sports Video Recording and Streaming Platform

Smooth Footage That Captures Everything

While the sentiment of digitally capturing the best moments of a youth sporting event isn’t unique, the platform we built is. Many other services on the market only employ a single camera or use technology that’s intended to make the camera follow the action. With a sport as fast-paced as hockey, however, those attempts are often unsuccessful and the resulting footage ends up being a lot of jarring, blurred shots.

By capturing multiple angles powered by a robust back-end system, the company has solved those issues leaving their viewers with a much more polished and professional video.

“As a lifelong hockey player, I loved being part of this project. I’ve used other arena video streaming services but was never really satisfied with the experience. Having the opportunity to help create a system with features like live-tagging and multiple angles made this project extra rewarding for me."

Brian Buchkosky

MentorMate Director of Client Success

Providing Peace of Mind

For now, the client is focused on growing its presence in the local youth hockey scene as well as adding additional features to make the system even better for viewers and coaches. The technology doesn’t just lend itself to capturing hockey games, though. The system is easily adaptable to cover just about any sport or event.