World Marrow Donor Association

We gave doctors around the world the means to quickly and more efficiently match patients with life-saving bone marrow donors.


Out With The Old

The World Marrow Donor Association (WMDA) connects physicians around the world with suitable stem cell donors for patients living with blood cancer. Comprised of dozens of donor registries across over fifty countries, WMDA deals with massive swaths of donor data. As such, a robust database architecture is crucial. When WMDA absorbed the activities of Bone Marrow Donors Worldwide (BMDW) and the NetCord Foundation, they realized their systems were outdated and long overdue for an overhaul. Since it was unable to receive expanded data sets, their database couldn’t display things like the age or gender of potential donors to doctors.

“We’ve developed a long-term partnership with MentorMate. We have one dedicated, permanent developer who assists us when needed. This allows us flexibility and ensures further development.“

Lydia Foeken, Executive Director

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Modern Medicine

We modernized WMDA’s database architecture and built a system that easily handles multiple data sets for their network of over thirty-three million donors spanning fifty-five countries. The data is housed in a web portal that doctors from around the world can access. A doctor simply inputs pertinent details about their patient and the portal returns any potential matches. Private information such as name and contact info is still hidden but more critical details like age and gender are easily accessible to physicians.

In order to achieve all of this, we pulled out all the stops and used a number of different technologies including the Laravel PHP Framework and several customized SQL databases. We also added several measures to ensure donor data security. The result is a robust application that’s scalable, future-proof, and, most importantly, secure.

“Our new infrastructure allows us to receive bigger data sets that put more information in front of physicians and get patients the transplants they need much quicker.“

Lydia Foeken, Executive Director


Saving Lives Quicker

By not displaying things like age and gender, WMDA’s previous system created extra back and forth between doctors and donor organizations. In situations involving a transplant, time is of the essence. By eliminating this unnecessary back and forth, patients receive the life-saving treatments they need faster and more efficiently.