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With deep expertise across all aspects of data and analytics, we help businesses become more data-driven on their digital transformation journey.
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For over 20 years, we’ve partnered with companies of all sizes and industries to solve their most complex business problems.


We’ve been a top employer in Bulgaria, a country steeped in technical excellence, since 2001. ​​Now with five offices across the country, we expanded outside of Bulgaria to further serve our clients in Europe, the Nordics, and beyond. Part of that expansion includes a new office in Gothenburg, Sweden.


From our Cloud Center of Excellence to our world-class design practice, we constantly seek out and develop exciting new ways to tackle complex problems.

Data & Analytics

Become More Data-Driven

Businesses that effectively manage and use their data have a competitive edge over those that don’t.


The MentorMate Data Center of Excellence (DCOE) works with organizations of all sizes to harness actionable insights, confidently make critical business decisions, and strategically plan for the future.

Predictive Analytics
What can your historical data tell you about the future of your business? Are there opportunities you should be aware of or risks to avoid? The answers to those questions lie with predictive analytics. We apply machine learning to extract valuable insights from your data, help you optimize your business and navigate your most important decisions.
Data Design & Architecture
Your data is specific to your business and deserves architecture that’s just as unique. We design and create a data landscape tailor-made for your organization using various strategies and techniques.
Data Development & Testing
We build enterprise data warehouses for classical reporting and create data lakes to store and analyze all of your data. A data solution is only as good as the data flowing through it. Our comprehensive testing process ensures your solutions provide good, usable data to all upstream users and systems.
Performance Tuning
Our team has expertise in performance tuning, from the solution itself to its architecture and business logic. We conduct a deep dive into specifications, identify bottlenecks, and provide a cost-effective long-term solution to address them. Ensure your databases are optimized, indexed, and operating efficiently.
Business Intelligence & Analysis
Our team can increase the visibility of your organization’s processes by building effective and easily accessible dashboards and reports. Gain more control over your business, identify issues quickly, and improve productivity while saving valuable time.
Data Migration
We analyze your data, guide you towards the right migration strategy for your business, and seamlessly migrate your data to your chosen cloud platform.
“The work that we’ve done with MentorMate over the last six months has helped us make our platform more stable and has really helped position us to sell ilumen on a global scale now that we have enhanced infrastructure and security in place.”

Tony Broich

Director of IT Development, Medibio

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