We designed and developed the Whirl app to help farmers increase productivity and maximize their ROI.
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Helping Farmers Be More Productive

With precision agriculture, commodity crops can be farmed profitably. Precision agriculture starts with automatically and accurately steering farm equipment to prevent overlap, reduce input, labor, and equipment costs, and increase yields. The Wheelman autosteering products are designed to bring low-cost, simple-to-use autosteering to all farms, helping farmers increase productivity and maximize their ROI. By attaching a Wheelman to the tractor’s steering column or steering wheel, it takes over the steering with precision accuracy. AgJunction enrolled MentorMate to build the Whirl app, a user-friendly mobile app that provides the brains behind these impressive Wheelman products.

“With the Wheelman autosteering products, our mission is to bring the benefits of Precision Ag, currently available to only the largest farming operations, to the millions of smaller farms around the world — through lower cost, simple to use technology.”

Jeff Morris

Chief Marketing Officer


A New Approach to Farming From The Ground Up

We worked with AgJunction’s team to design and develop the Whirl app, the brains behind the Wheelman autosteering products. The Whirl app is revolutionary in Precision Ag, as it allows farmers to use their existing iOS or Android smart devices (phone, tablet, etc.) as the display, eliminating the need to buy a custom display, which can easily cost up to $8,000. Whirl is packed with easy-to-use features, from quickly setting up and calibrating a vehicle profile, including implement profiles, to creating an auto-steering path (straight A-B line, A+ heading, contoured, or pivot point) and saving it in the Whirl app for future use. The farmer can quickly select any saved path in Whirl and engage the Wheelman system to accurately autosteer the tractor along the path.

“When we started the project, we quickly needed to establish a very aggressive schedule to meet our launch date. Mentormate accommodated us by implementing daily standups which allowed us to address issues in real-time and remain nimble enough to meet the aggressive schedule.”

Jeff Morris

Chief Marketing Officer


Staying Nimble To Meet Tight Deadlines

Since we were involved with the project from the beginning, we designed and developed everything from scratch. Beginning with early planning sessions with AgJunction’s marketing and engineering teams, we presented design concepts and wireframes complete with screen content and a logical flow. Once all parties were on the same page, we began development, following the project road map and an aggressive timeline. Throughout the entire process, the teams from both AgJunction and MentorMate remained nimble to adhere to that tight timeline.