Through multiple engagements, we helped Cambria expand its technology footprint and define the structure of its delivery teams.
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Defining What Technology Means for Cambria

Cambria has been a world-class producer of quartz countertops for 20 years. With so many moving parts — from manufacturing to customization to point of sales — there are plenty of opportunities to streamline processes and make things more efficient with technology. As the company sought to expand its use of technology, it first needed to determine how it wanted to structure its delivery teams from a digital transformation standpoint.

“We wanted some initial quick wins on some highly valuable business projects. We also wanted to define our longterm technology structure from a staffing point of view. MentorMate’s breadth of technical capabilities, secure delivery reputation, and remote staffing model offered a clear path to achieve both of those goals.”

Patrick Nordstrum

Cambria Solutions Architect


Putting Cambria Front and Center

Our first engagement with Cambria was building software for digital kiosks that the brand uses in retailers and at consumer events. Through a partnership between us, Cambria, and Taylor Communications, we provided the software integration services to help get the hardware setup and deployed out to the physical locations. We also designed and developed a web application and deployed it on Cambria’s existing infrastructure and core software framework.!/configurator/countertops/Transitional


Increased Velocity to Tackle a Growing Backlog

The next evolution of our partnership came at the end of the kiosk project. Cambria needed to increase its development velocity so they opted to keep one team member from the kiosk project on board as a full-time, dedicated developer. Together with Cambria’s in-house Scrum team, they worked through a backlog of work for the digital kiosk as well as several other web platforms. In addition to that dedicated developer, Cambria leveraged our Continuation Engineering team to get ahead of some incremental enhancements to several applications before winding it down and opting for a half-time quality assurance analyst.

“As we scale our teams up or down, MentorMate has always done a great job of connecting us with people who have previously worked with us. It’s very reassuring to know that we can quickly spin up a team that already has that domain knowledge of our business and systems.”

Patrick Nordstrum

Cambria Solutions Architect


Ramp Up to Replatform

After laying the groundwork in the previous two engagements, we were ready to take on some larger digital transformations with Cambria. Over the course of six months in 2018, we worked with their team to completely re-platform their website. We began with a lift and shift while updating a few key components of functionality. For this undertaking, Cambria ramped up its existing dedicated team with an additional three developers and another QA. Our Experience Design team also helped redesign some of Cambria’s highest-traffic online conversion tools.

“I've worked with a number of different offshore teams throughout my career and it’s safe to say that MentorMate is on the upper tier. One huge benefit that MentorMate provides is the overlap in working hours between the U.S. and Bulgaria. It makes daily communication so much easier.”

Patrick Nordstrum

Cambria Solutions Architect


Increased Velocity Part Two: The Commerce Edition

Through the end of the website replatform, all of our work with Cambria was done with its marketing Scrum team which handles all of the development work for the company’s public-facing tech platforms. As the web project wound down, Cambria spun up a dedicated team of three developers and two QAs to increase the velocity of its commerce Scrum team. This team handles the technology behind Cambria’s e-commerce and sales platform.