Through a multi-year partnership, we helped DTN update its agriculture technologies while embracing a flexible staffing model.
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Leading The Agriculture Industry One App At A Time

DTN is committed to providing independent, actionable insights to its customers who feed, fuel, and protect the world. Those insights drive some of the world’s largest and smallest companies forward — helping to reduce risk, increase profits, and support smarter business decisions.


In recent years, DTN has made several strategic acquisitions. With those came new products that utilized various technologies. The company sought a partner to help it unify disparate solutions and streamline future enhancements. To help, MentorMate assembled and scaled dedicated mobile and web development, quality assurance, and design teams to suit its client’s needs.

“We needed a partner that offered a flexible staffing model, as well as technical expertise to help us merge and update our various existing and acquired technologies. MentorMate exceeded our expectations on both fronts.“

Michael Ross

R&D leader


Supporting Strategic Grain Buying

DTN ProphetX®, the company’s trusted commodity trading solution, provides exceptional reliability, power, and analytics, along with gold-standard data management. It delivers real-time and historical data, deep industry news, tickers, and high-level analysis to keep its clients ahead of their competitors. Our first engagement with DTN was to build an Android™ version of the existing DTN ProphetX iOS app. After its release, we then turned our attention to creating a feature-rich web portal for the product.


Removing Hurdles To Success For Farmers

Many producers struggle with decisions around marketing crops in today’s difficult landscape. To help with this task, we worked with DTN to create the free DTN Ag Marketplace iOS app. It removes common hurdles and allows producers to set goals, manage inventories, discover unique selling opportunities, and even conduct end-to-end grain sales. What’s more, they can easily make decisions on their schedule, anywhere they go — including while doing fieldwork.

“MentorMate helped us evaluate our various technologies and processes, and put in place a system that allows us to create new innovations more efficiently. They've allowed us to complete projects faster and accelerate many of our corporate initiatives.“

Michael Ross

R&D leader


Efficiency Through Integration

For DTN, its subscription and order management systems play a vital role in its business processes and customer satisfaction. They are brimming with critical data, like user profiles, customer records, services, and projects. As DTN has grown and acquired other companies, merging and navigating records has become a challenge. We worked to integrate the systems into one cohesive interface with data parity across the platforms. Now, the DTN customer service team can effectively troubleshoot issues without using multiple systems — delivering better customer experiences.


Agronomy Meets Technology

DTN Agronomic Platform (AP) became one of the company’s solutions through a strategic acquisition. The comprehensive agronomic software tool integrates precision agriculture technology and capabilities into a single, easy-to-use interface. With its geographic information system (GIS) integration, agribusinesses, crop consultants, and producers can better analyze soil conditions, insect and disease threats, as well as yield potential. For DTN AP 2.0, we worked to enhance its speed and performance, as well as expand its infrastructure and global reach.

“Some of my previous experience with offshore development had me a little skeptical at first. However, MentorMate has been nothing but flexible, has helped us get organized, and has been a true partner every step of the way.”

Michael Ross

R&D leader


An Updated Take On A Cherished Publication

As one of the United States’ longest-running publications, Progressive Farmer has helped producers successfully run their farm businesses for more than 130 years. As farming technology has exploded, DTN chose to bring the revered publication into the digital age.


We built a robust digital platform to house the publication’s award-winning content and deliver a rich, effortless reader experience. Additional enhancements were made to bring the top-tier publication to the cutting-edge of advertising standards. The new and improved saw a whopping 41 percent increase in impressions, year over year, and steady monthly traffic of more than 1 million.