POPS! Diabetes Care

We helped to build a HIPAA-compliant solution that streamlines personal diabetes care.

Designed to Simplify Testing, Monitoring, and Sharing

People living with diabetes must balance everyday life with constantly monitoring their glucose levels. Current tools to test and track health data were cumbersome. It’s common for people with diabetes to forget or ignore proper health management methods, risking health complications down the road.

POPS! Diabetes Care sought to provide a longterm solution that enables individuals to manage care. POPS! approached MentorMate to develop a mobile app that allows people to meet their diabetes goals — on their own terms.

“We had great project management. We are on time and on budget, and there is nothing more important than that.”

Lonny Stormo, CEO and Co-Founder


Elevate Experience with User Portal Functionality

Documentation was crucial to the POPS! development process. Tasks were captured and tracked in the project management software JIRA. All members of the team updated stories, tracked progress and logged artifacts that could later be used during the FDA submission of the device and app.

Members of the remote team from our Bulgarian office partnered with the POPS! development team during daily check-ins, offering design and technical perspectives that advanced the project while keeping spend affordable. Designing and implementing a framework that supports a secure user database positions the client to develop its mobile capabilities as more users put new demands on the system.

“We wanted a company that was knowledgeable about following a process so we could take the result of that and submit it to the FDA.”

Lonny Stormo, CEO and Co-Founder


A Tool Revolutionizing a Lifestyle

The POPS! Diabetes Care solution syncs smartphone technology with a glucose meter through an intuitive mobile app interface. Its Bluetooth connection uploads the user’s data to a cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant network. Healthcare professionals can access and monitor users’ glucose levels and limit the need for visits to brick-and-mortar offices. Users may choose to share their data with family members to reinforce the management of healthy habits in a holistic way.


A Better Way to Manage Care

Mobile apps increasingly serve as tools for individuals to take healthcare into their own hands. The POPS! solution improves the experience of people living with diabetes through a tool that simultaneously monitors and communicates blood sugar levels to healthcare professionals through HIPAA-compliant channels.

What's Next?

Improve Capabilities

MentorMate’s deep technical expertise and capabilities provided POPS! Diabetes Care with an effective mobile app. Further collaborative efforts will refine and improve the app’s capacity to facilitate communication with healthcare professionals and overall diabetes management in future versions.

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