Positive Lead & Latino Dancer

Anna Krivova

Software Development Lead - Front-end, MentorMate

Anna began working as a web developer and graphic designer at a small Bulgarian company while finishing her Bachelor’s degree. She joined the MentorMate team in 2017 and has since grown from a Front-end Developer position to a Software Development Lead while working on over ten client projects.

Her day-to-day responsibilities include all the technical aspects of the job as well as team organization, client communication, architecture decision making, solution-finding, and troubleshooting. Anna is an active participant in the DevCamp program, taking up the mentor role and developing candidates’ potential. Helping people improve their skills is one thing that brings her great pleasure.

Her plan for the future is to focus on helping people realize their potential and grow their skills. She is passionate about contributing to her teammate’s growth within the company and aiding MentorMate clients in achieving their goals and creating their projects.

She loves to dance, hike, and work on her stretches in her spare time. She is passionate about making desserts  —  her infamous Christmas boxes full of delicious baked goodies are always a hit during MentorMate’s holiday charity auction. Anna always brings her smile and positive attitude everywhere she goes and tackles each problem and challenge with resolve, ingenuity, and passion.

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