Marketing Strategist, Analytics Wizard, & Data Soothsayer

Brady Swanson

Adept in math and computer science from an early age, Brady satisfied a creative thirst before entering B2B marketing through explorations into the likes of 3D Studio and Photoshop. In learning to combine creative insight with hard data, Brady has used his skillset to build out the MentorMate digital marketing efforts.

During his time at MentorMate, Brady has worn many hats, his roles spanning SEO Specialist, to Digital Marketing Specialist and Digital Marketing Manager. A detail- and data-driven strategist, Brady aims to keep MentorMate’s marketing department on track as he maintains a steady influx of new accounts. Find him in the office re-structuring a retargeting campaign or deep in an ROI analysis.

Fun fact, Brady first heard about MentorMate over a fateful game of Dungeons and Dragons over 8 years ago. The rest is history.

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