Vinyl Archaeologist

Jay Miller


Wielding an emphasis on memorable, measurable, and extensible experiences, Jay demystifies the technologies that help businesses go faster. For him, service expansion or revenue growth are impossible without an understanding of where business needs meet the user’s perspective.

Jay’s path is defined by a commitment to applying new skills to bigger challenges. Experience with print, broadcast, retail, and digital design have informed his evolution from Creative Direction to Business Development. His previous roles include Group Creative Director at Popular Front, Adjunct Faculty at MCAD, Creative Director at John Ryan Company, and Design Director at Twin Cities Public Television. His first big challenge? Designing album artwork for Twin/Tone, a Minneapolis record label.

Outside of the office, if Jay isn’t cycling through his collection of 5,000 records, he’s likely in the midst of his latest improvised road trip across Bulgaria. He also volunteers with BrandLab and is passionate about their mission to diversify marketing and advertising agencies.

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