Mike Hagan

Much has changed since Mike created his first website on AOL as a sixth grader. Clients present new needs that ever-evolving technologies must resolve. Fortunately, Mike’s design approach — clean, simple, modern — synthesizes these realities and delivers innovative mobile and web experiences for clients big and small.

Beyond actively designing, Mike helps direct and support MentorMate’s creative team as they conceptualize experiences across a variety of platforms. For him, intensive trial and error in the early stages of the design process is the key to successful product design, helping clients drive towards solutions from the user’s perspective.

In a past life, Mike led a total rebranding of the print and digital presence for a national chain of fitness centers as a senior art director. But Mike doesn’t limit his vision to serving business needs. He has reviewed student portfolios for the AIGA Student Portfolio One-on-One and designs t-shirts to support charitable efforts in the arts community.

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