Pavel Petrov

Tech Pro & Skill Sculptor

Pavel Petrov

Director, Software Engineering - LAMP&FE
Pavel Petrov

Pavel’s story with MentorMate started back in 2008. In the early days, Pavel began his tenure as a LAMP developer. Still, his appetite for innovation led him to explore many technologies over the years, including Java, iOS, and more. Progressing through various senior positions, Pavel emerged as a lead and manager, leaving an indelible mark on the organization’s technological landscape.

Today, Pavel Petrov is the Director of Software Engineering, overseeing the LAMP&FE department. His responsibilities span the strategic direction of a highly skilled team of professionals, ensuring the delivery of high-quality solutions to MentorMate’s clients.

Pavel is deeply committed to collaboration. He thrives when working alongside his team members, fostering an environment where everyone can build new skills and enhance their capacity. His greatest satisfaction lies in helping clients and his teams surpass their objectives, making him a catalyst for success within the organization.

But Pavel’s energies aren’t limited to software development. He once won a long jump contest and scored five goals in a professional soccer match — talk about an MVP. In the past, Pavel volunteered in a MentorMate-organized auction to benefit disabled children.

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