Samuil Yanovski

Samuil is a Software Development Manager on MentorMate’s Android team. His professional journey began with database and ETL but later shifted toward mobile application development.

At MentorMate, he has worked on software to help recovering addicts, chat applications, loyalty programs, e-shops, and more. His responsibilities include the development of Android applications and the professional growth of his teammates, organizing training programs and courses, and client meetings.

Samuil successfully completed various gamification courses and is one of the lead lectors in the Scrum & Jira training program for new hires. In 2017, he participated in a workshop titled “Creating Android Custom Views From Scratch, What’s The Catch?” at the MobCon conference.

He is actively involved in various volunteer and charitable campaigns organized by MentorMate, and in his spare time, he likes to swim, salsa dance, play board games, and watch E-sports.

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