Simeon Zhekov Headshot

Simeon Zhekov

Simeon Zhekov Headshot

Simeon’s career path in the IT industry began as a Data Entry operator when he was still finishing his degree in Information and Communications Technology at “Angel Kanchev” University of Ruse. After his graduation, he worked as a Systems administrator in various companies, specializing in Databases, BigData, and BI Tools. 

He joined MentorMate in 2021, and currently, he is a Cloud Engineer. Simeon has since worked on various projects for industries such as healthcare, biometry, streaming services, tourism, learning centers, and more. His daily responsibilities in our Cloud Center of Excellence include automatization and monitoring of systems and applications and managing Cloud infrastructures. 

Simeon considers the development of a new optimized and energy-efficient infrastructure aimed at cost optimization to be one of his most significant professional achievements. His career interests for the future include Cloud Infrastructure, CI/CD, Automation tools, Infrastructure as Code, Containerization, Highly Available infrastructure, Computer Networks, and Security. Moreover, his technology interests lie in Terraform, Kubernetes, OpenShift, Nomad, Ansible, Azure DevOps, Vagrant, Docker, and AWS. 

He holds various certifications, including Solutions Architect – Associate, Windows System Administration Advanced, Kubernetes, DevOps Advanced AWS Essentials, etc. 

Even though he likes to work in his spare time, Simeon enjoys visiting new towns, learning new technologies, and spending time with his family outside of the office. 

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