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Who Needs Servers? Go Serverless!

Serverless is here to stay and is finally starting to deliver on the promise of the cloud. At its most basic, it allows organizations to get functionality (and software) into production at a faster rate than the more traditional cloud-based models. Delivering that functionality to users and figuring out if it resonates with them is the key to long-term success.


  • Enterprise Consulting Icon Automatically scale up and scale down
  • Has a smaller attack surface
  • Project Manager Icon Pay only for what you use
  • Simplify packaging and deployment
  • Reduce operational costs

Your Resident Serverless Experts

MentorMate’s Serverless Consulting squad is a team of highly-qualified experts that implements business logic using AWS Lambda, Amazon API Gateway, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon S3, and more. We’ve deployed many serverless solutions for our clients and have the knowledge and hands-on experience to optimize your workloads for this emerging technology.


  • Serverless Applications
  • Serverless Architecture Design
  • Database Management Icon Serverless Databases
  • Serverless Development
  • Dedicated Development Team Icon Serverless Consulting
  • 24/7 Software Support Icon 24/7 Monitoring & Support

Flexibility to Innovate

As a serverless partner, we advise our clients on critical challenges such as

• How to make affordable serverless choices
• Making use of functions as a service
• Navigating serverless frameworks and databases

Download our free Serverless eBook to learn more about AWS Lambda, serverless databases, and the overall benefits and drawbacks of going serverless.

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