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Cloud Leadership

Whether it’s cloud migration, a cloud-native build, or something else entirely, some projects need a cloud expert to consult on cloud-related issues.

Our Cloud Center of Excellence is here to help and act as trusted advisors. We staff cloud engineers on development teams to consult and provide leadership on architecture, deployment strategies, management, and training. We help you take full advantage of cloud-native patterns.


A Trusted Guide to the Cloud

Cloud & DevOps adoption aren’t always straightforward. As a trusted cloud & DevOps advisor, we help clients wade through the many approaches and advise them on a tech stack that makes the most sense for their company. We look at all possible options and make recommendations of cloud-native applications and appropriate third-party solutions that will help them achieve their business goals. As an organization, we’re cloud agnostic and have over twenty years of software and cloud development experience to put to use in making your move to the cloud seamless.


How To Manage Your Cloud Environment

When your cloud infrastructure is all set up, managing it is a whole other set of conversations. We consult and help clients identify the best methods of managing their cloud environments. We examine the environment and make recommendations based on our findings. Additionally, we consult on how to structure your internal cloud team to achieve the best results in managing your cloud infrastructure.


Vendor Lock-Ins and DevOps Toolchains

Vendor lock-in is a big concern for any business making a leap to a new cloud architecture — and for good reason. Being stuck on a technology platform you aren’t satisfied with and having no practical exit strategy is hugely problematic and can impact your business immensely. We look at your future tech stack and determine how best to mitigate vendor lock-in, saving you headaches down the road. Additionally, we conduct DevOps toolchain assessments for clients to help determine which DevOps toolchain is best for their business needs, processes, and culture.

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