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Cloud Migration

Migrating software and systems to the cloud drastically improves scalability, security, and savings.

Our cloud migration strategy experts carefully analyze your business case and existing architecture to plan out a cloud migration roadmap to ensure a smooth transition. We build infrastructure that meets standards and regulations like GDPR, SOC, ISO, NIST, PCI, HIPAA, and FedRAMP. Our team assists clients at a business level as well as technical — benefits realization, business risk management, personnel training, building business cases.


Taking Stock of Your Entire IT Infrastructure

Before we can migrate your existing architecture to the cloud, we first need to take inventory of everything that’s currently in it. We identify and monitor your entire portfolio of applications from database and server to business and client management. Application discovery allows us to determine the readiness of your infrastructure for migration. While this might sound like a daunting task, all major cloud platforms have automated tools to make it much easier and more efficient. Once we have a full picture of your entire infrastructure, we plan out how best to migrate it all to the cloud while minimizing interruption to your business operations.


Efficiently Migrate to the Cloud

When it comes time to actually migrate your infrastructure, we take a continuous improvement approach. Every cloud migration is different depending on the complexity of the infrastructure and the applications involved. To ease your migration, we begin with the least complex applications and work towards migrating more robust applications last. That approach allows us to learn and improve your platform infrastructure more efficiently. As we migrate, we also develop a plan to test and decommission your old platform to ensure a smooth transition to the new one.


Following Cloud Provider Best Practices

All of the major cloud providers that we work with — AWS, Azure, and Google — have a Cloud Adoption Framework. These Frameworks are the guiding principles of their respective platform. They include best practices, documentation, and tools to help you achieve your long- and short-term cloud goals. Using these Frameworks, we implement your cloud infrastructure according to provider best practices. We also plan and prepare your infrastructure for future updates and functionality.


On-Going Cloud Management for Your Infrastructure

After your infrastructure is fully migrated over to your chosen cloud platform, it needs to be managed on an on-going basis. The deep knowledge we gain about your business objectives and IT infrastructure throughout the migration equip us with everything we need to ensure that your platform continues to run smoothly. We keep your system up to date with the latest platform updates and manage your cloud services on your behalf.

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