Combine and Conquer


Our DevOps practice automates software development processes in order to build, test, release, and manage workloads faster and more reliably.

Rather than the application development and infrastructure operations teams working in consecutive silos, they work together towards a shared goal. The result is a team that is much more communicative and collaborative. Time to market for software delivery is much faster, meaning that we help you deliver value to your customers much faster.


Improve Your DevOps Efficiency

Environment immutability is rapidly growing. The key to making this possible is being able to automate everything. Cloud account creation and protection, code deployment, infrastructure spin up and down, data anonymization… We automate all of these to enable multiple microservice deployments a day. By deploying change frequently, we drastically increase our validated learning leading to a better understanding of what is and isn’t working. It also allows teams to fail fast without breaking others and quickly improves the velocity of your project.


Match Your Demand with Opportunity

Cloud-native functionality allows you to better match your demand with opportunity. It also allows you to globally distribute your product so that your customers’ experience remains consistent regardless of their physical location. Cloud-native allows technology to take advantage of the very latest consistency and durability patternsUsers’ data is where they need it when they need it. In our Cloud Center of Excellence, we utilize AWS, Azure, and the Google Cloud platform depending on the scalability needs of the project.


Autonomous Teams Are Successful Teams

Autonomy is the key to successful software teams. By owning what they build, teams are empowered to make micro-level changes in response to incoming telemetry. This reduces the fear of change and ensures you are able to operate as quickly as the market demands. Our development teams in Bulgaria operate with this autonomy and quickly respond to technical challenges as they arise. Empowering them to solve problems as they come up saves valuable time in the development cycle which is a win for everyone involved.


Protect Your Software Investments

The technology world loves to share its new innovations. But by doing so, all parties (good and bad) benefit from learning how to build software quicker. We work with you to shift your security practices and embed automatic customer protection everywhere. Proactive measures like asset scans and anomaly detections only take minutes — or, in some cases, seconds — and go a long way in keeping your software secure. Failing to do this always results in known vulnerabilities finding their way into your platform.


Track What Is (and Isn’t) Working

One of the biggest benefits of DevOps is receiving insight into what is and isn’t working with your software. To track all of this feedback, we set up systems that inform you of your product’s health. Users care less about whether a system is up; they care more that it is working for them. Focus on ensuring your systems are instrumented to enable this type of customer-centric approach.

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