Design Custom Architecture for Your Data

Data Design & Architecture

Your data is specific to your business and deserves architecture that’s just as unique. We design and create a data landscape tailor-made for your organization using various strategies and techniques.

We model and design data warehouses, lakes, and lakehouses to multiple business domains on AWS, Azure, GCP clouds, and on-premise infrastructure.

Business and Data Analysis

Understanding Your Data Needs

Before we can design a data solution, we first need to understand the problem and its context. We complete a thorough analysis of the data your business produces along with how it’s used to extract reporting and analytics requirements from within your organization. We conduct interviews with stakeholders to further understand the opportunities and produce a conceptual design to seize them.

Data Modeling

Creating a Blueprint for Your Data

Data models are critical tools for accessing and using your data in the most optimal, secure, and scalable way possible. Our data modelers employ various best practices and techniques to model your organization’s data. Then we create a conceptual and logical model of the data to help design an effective data warehouse for reporting in various departments within your organization.

Data Warehouse Design

Designing a Modern, Adaptable Data Warehouse

Our team creates a physical design of the data warehouse logical model. We plan out the infrastructure and cloud provisioning before building the warehouse using infrastructure as code. Once functional, we can integrate various new data sources depending on the use case. Additionally, we implement a CI/CD pipeline for your data warehouse or lake to adapt to the changing environment.

Data Guru

Data Leadership You Can Trust

Our data guru offering is a combination of data solutions that ensures the completion of your product in the most effective way possible. Our data architects design and supervise the implementation of your data solution. Additionally, they can lead or join an existing team to assist with data analysis, modeling, and warehouse design and monitor technical teams’ implementation guide as needed.

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