Develop Modern Data Solutions

Data Development & Testing

Whether you want to bring a new data solution to life or modernize existing infrastructure, our DCOE can help.

We build enterprise data warehouses for classical reporting and create data lakes to store and analyze all of your data. A data solution is only as good as the data flowing through it. Our comprehensive testing process ensures your solutions provide good, usable data to all upstream users and systems.

Data Warehouse Development

Store Your Data However You Choose

Whether you need an on-premise data warehouse or want to build one in a cloud environment like AWS, Azure, or Google, our experts can help. We develop enterprise data warehouses with the best analytical databases on the market. In our work, we employ a wide variety of proprietary, cloud, and open-source ETL and SQL tools in concert with well-known methods and architectures like Kimball, Inmon, and Data Vault to ensure the highest data quality and performance.

Big Data Development

Big Organizations Mean Big Data

Our experienced team develops solutions that harness the power of big data. By utilizing frameworks like Apache Hadoop and Kafka, we develop data lakes and stream applications either on-premise or on cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, and GCP. We use Apache Spark and Databricks to process and analyze massive amounts of data to help your organization make data-informed decisions.

Data Testing

Trust in the Quality of Your Data

The quality of your data is critical to building data solutions that work. Without good data, reports make no sense, machine learning models provide biased or incorrect predictions and forecasts, and data pipelines can fail. Simply put, data testing is essential for any modern data solution. Our experts have a fluent understanding of multiple cloud platforms and experience in automating and providing good data quality.

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