Move Your Data to the Cloud

Data Migration

We analyze your data, guide you towards the right migration strategy for your business, and seamlessly migrate your data to your chosen cloud platform.

Data migration is crucial in transitioning your business systems to a public cloud. It’s also one of the most troublesome steps of the cloud journey and can be fraught with errors if not done correctly. We have deep expertise in Azure, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, and Amazon Web Services.

Data Migration Strategy

Formulate a Clear Migration Strategy

A successful migration starts with a clear strategy. To start, we first develop a deep understanding of your needs and business context. Do you want to keep your legacy systems running, or are you looking to migrate to something completely new? Or maybe you only need a lift and shift migration. Regardless of your needs, our team can help you form a strategy that fits your business and fulfills your requirements.

Data Migration Analysis

Analyzing Every Aspect of the Migration

With a clearly-defined strategy in place, it’s time to deeply analyze the data that needs migrating. We examine the amount of the data, metadata, characters, timezone, performance baselines, disaster recovery solutions, stored procedures, triggers and permissions, data loads, network connections, and so on. This analysis gives us a sound technical overview and details the steps we need to take to complete the migration.

Data Migration Testing

Testing at Every Step

To ensure migration goes smoothly, we create a test environment on the destination cloud. We then perform a test data migration to clear any possible issues during the actual production migration. Next, we test the data flows, application connections, scalability, application behavior, BI reports, and the performance of the database. We also test the business logic stored in the database to ensure the data is usable from the new location.

Data Migration

Migrating Your Data Safely and Efficiently

After completing all of the above tasks, it’s finally time for the production migration. Based on the most suitable approach for your business, our experts execute the migration process and stay with you during the stabilization period. We monitor the disaster recovery solution and testing while supporting application teams until all applications are running optimally and customers are comfortable in your new environment.

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