Formulate A Vision For Your Digital Products and Services

Design Strategy

In order for us to solve problems as they are identified, it’s critical to understand the context that surrounds it and your business.

In-depth design strategy workshops, vision prototypes, experience benchmarking — these tools offer us a look at the big picture of your business, where it’s headed, and how it’s differentiating. From there, we help you formulate a strategy specifically around the design and vision of your product or service.


Find the Soul of Your Product

Vision prototypes are like the concept car of the digital world. They’re designed to get buy-in and measure the attraction bias of your product. These clickable prototypes are built with a full user interface that you can use to help present your product vision to investors and other key stakeholders. Having a visual prototype that people can actually click around in is a much more valuable tool than simply listening to or reading through a product vision.


Show Your Vision Rather Than Tell It

In practice, stakeholder research looks very similar to qualitative research. Both are ethnographic in nature. The difference is who we’re observing and why. For stakeholder research, we focus our attention on key people inside (or sometimes outside) the organization who play a role in the success of a product or service. Our goal with stakeholder research is to figure out what these stakeholders’ needs are. But we’re also looking at the system as a whole, looking for any discrepancies in alignment or friction between teams in the organization that could impact the rest of the system.


Identify How You Measure Success

The ultimate goal of experience benchmarking is to look at different experiences and benchmark against them. This happens in a few different ways. If we’re revamping an existing product, we look at the existing experience to see what’s working and what’s not. We also look at your competitor’s products and do the same. Additionally, we look at analogous experiences. These are experiences that aren’t necessarily in the same space as what we’re building but can still provide value in understanding user’s expectations.

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