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Enterprise Architecture

A robust software platform needs to be built on an equally powerful architecture in order to function properly and efficiently.

Whether you have a complex idea that’s not quite fully baked or you’re embarking on a complete rebuild of your system, our enterprise architecture teams are here to help. With expertise in cloud-native and on-premises architectures, we’ll grow your idea from a minimal viable product to delivery on a global scale.


Aligning Your Business and Technology Teams

In a perfect world, business strategies and objectives perfectly align with technology roadmaps right out of the gate. But that’s not always the case. Instead, the business and technology units are often siloed with little visibility of one another. Our enterprise architecture team bridges the two sides of your business together into one cohesive unit. By creating a symbiotic relationship between business and technology, we’re able to not only address the usability of an application but its strategic value as well. It also ensures organizational efficiency in your technology stacks and solutions.


Eliminating Redundancy in Your Technology Roadmap

A common side effect of the aforementioned misalignment of business and technology teams is redundancy in solutions and a higher than necessary cost of ownership. By auditing your existing enterprise architecture and various solutions that your business uses, we pinpoint these redundancies. We identify which ones to retire on your technology roadmap and consolidate them down to only the ones you actually need. With less redundancy, we can better align your business and technology objectives and plan for future organizational growth.


Implementing Your Solution with the Right Architecture

Whether you’re implementing an entirely new solution or revamping an existing one, a clear vision is critical. Our solution architecture team helps you define your solution as well as how best to design and build it. We work with all stakeholders to create a roadmap and architecture that delivers on your business objectives. Additionally, we act in an advisory capacity to offer guidance around your technology stack and whether building everything from scratch or buying third-party products makes the most sense for your solution.


Picking a Platform for Your Solution

You’ve strategically determined how you’re going to build your solution, now it’s time to be just as thoughtful about where you’re going to build it. Our platform architecture team can help you do just that. Our team is cloud agnostic, meaning we don’t have a strong lean towards either Azure, AWS, or Google. Rather, we look at your unique business objectives and help you determine which platform is best-suited for your solution. We also advise on various plug and play platform components like CMSs (headless or otherwise), CRMs, and data visualization tools.

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