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Mobile Development

We developed our first mobile app in 2001. Since then, we’ve helped thousands of companies connect with people wherever they are in the world.

Our custom mobile and IoT solutions are used for everything from streamlining diabetes care to auto-steering tractors to tracking and sharing bike rides. We have experience integrating native and hybrid mobile apps with devices like smart sensors, medical equipment, thermal imaging cameras, building automation systems, farm equipment, and many others.


Building a Successful Mobile Strategy

Mobile apps serve businesses by providing customers with an experience that goes beyond a marketing website. They fulfill particular needs that web-based solutions can’t. We start every mobile project by establishing the connections between our client’s business strategy and the mobile app that will help drive it. Understanding audience needs, behavioral patterns, and business capabilities ultimately drives decisions on how the app ties into the complex ecosystem of devices and user expectations.


Designing Your User’s Mobile Experience

With a sound mobile strategy in hand, we’re able to design the app’s experience and what it will look like on the front-end. We combine analytical insights with a keen understanding of design standards for each of the major mobile platforms. Our goal is always to reduce the friction of the mobile experience. We build intuitive experiences that get users what they want when they want it and connect them to the client’s business faster and more seamlessly.


Building and Future-Proofing Your Mobile Product

Building a mobile app requires a deep understanding of all the tools available in the space. Native apps, progressive web apps, cross-platform tools — each occupies an important place in our mobile development toolset. Our mobile expertise allows us to recommend and implement the best solution for our clients’ goals. That expertise extends to our mobile QA practice as well. We provide end-to-end testing and re-testing to ensure apps stay up to date with the constant march of new platform and device features and functionality.


Testing For A Mobile World

Our QA team has extensive experience in testing native, hybrid, web and PWA mobile applications for both iOS and Android. We also have expertise testing integrations native and hybrid mobile apps with many different IoT devices. We test on real devices and we’re integrated with a cloud testing platform which gives us access to over 1000 Android and iOS devices. For mobile automation, we use the Appium tool with Java and C#. Our automation framework also supports Mobile Automation.

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