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DXP Implementation

Technology and content power today’s customer experiences well beyond the web or a mobile app.

A DXP implementation is an opportunity to modernize your marketing tech stack. Auditing current systems, integrating services, and rearchitecting content using an object-oriented approach are the keys to success. Efficiency, flexibility, and scalability are the outcomes.


Treat Content as Data

You’ve probably heard that content is king by now. Well, data is the emperor. Since modern DXPs are object-oriented content management systems, content is handled as data within them. But all that data must be scalable. A content model visualizes how all of your content is structured in your ecosystem and how it scales. It’s critical to a successful DXP implementation.


Use the Tools Best Suited for Your Business

Every business has content management and delivery needs that are unique to them. Since modern DXPs run off of APIs and microservices, they’re entirely composable, so you can use the tool and services that best suit your specific needs. For an enterprise content team, integrating a DXP into their ecosystem is a total game-changer because of the specificity they offer.


Modernize Your Content Systems

Content is often dispersed across an organization’s many different systems. Migrating content into a DXP from legacy content management systems, databases, and file systems can seem daunting. Thankfully, with data engineering and automation, we can accelerate content migration, ensuring your implementation runs smoothly and on time.

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