Demystify & Accelerate Compliance

Consultative Security

Our consultancy and analysis solutions ensure ease of adoption to many common compliance standards.

We’ll guide your adoption and plug-and-play solutions to take the stress out of preparing for your audits. Our goal is to sit at your side of the table through initialization, adoption, and audit to help you remain prepared, informed, and ahead of schedule.

Consultative Services

Guidance When You Need It Most

Our team of security and compliance experts is trained and certified in today’s top ten compliance methodologies, including HITRUST, FedRAMP, ISO, and PCI. We’re here to guide you through your own certification process and ensure the products you’re building are secure, compliant, and built correctly.

HITRUST/FedRAMP Policy Library

Tailored Policies for Your Organization

We promptly build a library of corporate policies written by our HITRUST-certified CSF practitioners specifically tailored for your organization. These policies establish a framework for HITRUST compliance with the option to add FedRAMP, HIPAA, PCI, and other industry-specific compliance needs.

Table Top Exercises

Role Play and Discover Gaps in Your Protocols

During these strategic, discussion-based sessions, we guide your team through one or more mock incident scenarios. These exercises allow you to discuss their roles and responses during specific emergencies and discover gaps in your policy or technological controls only found during a live test.

Corrective Action Plans

Fix Security Issues at Their Root

A corrective action plan is a critical quality management tool for any organization. Document non-compliance issues, identify their root causes, and capture measurable, achievable solutions with realistic deadlines.

Let’s Work Together

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Let’s Work Together