Identify & Address Threats Before They Happen

Technical Security

Our security experts have the experience and skill needed to resolve and close vulnerability gaps before they become incidents.

Proven hardening and practical security offer regulatory compliance and piece of mind for your organization. We also offer comprehensive monitoring and reporting solutions to ensure ease of ownership and up-to-the-minute protection from emerging threats.

Basic Assessment

See How Your Current Environment Stacks Up

During a basic enterprise assessment, we evaluate your application or environment in its current state. Our team conducts environment analysis, code scanning, compliance analysis, basic vulnerability analysis, and cloud security overview. We provide a comprehensive report of the uncovered issues and a corrective action plan to mitigate those risks.

Penetration Testing

Uncover Exploitable Vulnerabilities

Penetration testing assesses security measures to uncover vulnerabilities in software systems and environments that hackers might exploit. We help enterprises proactively manage these risks, improve the efficacy of their security procedures, and provide a corrective action plan to address any vulnerabilities we uncover.

Threat Surface Detection

Identify & Document Attack Vectors

Threat surface detection identifies and documents all the entry points that might allow attackers unauthorized access to an organization’s systems, data, and networks. This non-penetrative scan focuses on detecting and documenting vulnerabilities and attack vectors.

Threat Telemetry Analysis

Monitor & Correct Exploits

Threat telemetry analysis uses technology to ingest multiple authoritative news and alerting sources for high-priority exploits, including zero-day situations. We analyze that scraped data for relevance to your environment and report any valid risks or threats with a corrective action plan to protect you until the threat can be patched or repaired.

Well-Architected Review

Optimize Your System’s Security

A well-architected review ensures your systems are designed and optimized for maximum efficiency, scalability, reliability, security, cost-effectiveness, and compliance with HIPAA, HITRUST, FedRAMP, and other known frameworks. Identify risks, improve your cloud applications, and effectively manage your cloud resources.

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