Keep Your Product Healthy

Application Support

Modern software is rarely built as a stand-alone application but rather as part of an entire software ecosystem. If one piece isn’t working properly, the entire product is at risk.

Our application support staff offers a set number of hours to work through your prioritized backlog, fix bugs, develop enhancements, and ensure your product remains fresh, stable, and viable. We continuously identify improvement opportunities to keep your product healthy.


Roll with the Changes

No matter how solid a piece of software is, changes are inevitable. Browsers, operating systems, devices, cloud services… updates to any of these have a major impact on your application. Defects show up over time as users try new functions and security issues are addressed. Plus, you’ll likely want to add some feature updates and add new capabilities down the road to keep your product fresh. Our technical application support team ensures your product remains supported, maintained, and enhanced well after it launches.


Dedicated Hours Just for Your Product

When you enroll our technical application support team, you decide on a dedicated monthly number of hours you need to keep your product healthy. Those hours reserve our staff’s capacity for your product or service while providing flexibility around skills and technology as your needs change. Our support staff responds to requests for fixes or additional features during regular MentorMate Bulgarian business hours (4 a.m.–12 p.m. U.S. CST). Support outside of these hours can be provided with an addendum to your contract.


Over 300 Years of Software Experience on One Team

Composed entirely of senior-level experts, our application support team is well-versed in multiple technologies, industries, and system configurations. Spread your dedicated block of hours across developers, project managers, system administrators, and QAs based on your monthly needs. Staffing only senior staff allows us to really take a big-picture look at a problem, work quickly and efficiently, and nail every detail. Technologies and skills include (but are not limited to): .NET, PHP, Python, React, LAMP Stack Technologies, Java, Android, iOS, Mobile Hybrid technologies, Manual QA, Automated QA, Design, AWS, Azure, System Administration, and DevOps.

Let’s Work Together