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Operational Support

Hosting your software in the Cloud is a great first step but the rapidly evolving technology landscape requires you to constantly evaluate how well your product is operating.

Let our global team of certified cloud engineers be your force multiplier and take over the maintenance, monitoring, and upkeep of your environments. We provide insight and proactive maintenance to ensure performance and uptime when you need it.


Stay Current, Stay Secure

Today’s biggest risk of hosting software is failing to evolve with those looking to exploit it for their own nefarious purposes. Our global operational support team of certified cloud engineers proactively takes that risk head-on, keeping your product up to date and most importantly, secure. We identify always-on protection mechanisms and tune them for your environment while creating monthly routines to keep your product safe. To confirm your business continuity plans are healthy, we back up your data, set proper retention policies, enforce least privileged access, and analyze traffic for anomalous activity. We support SOC 2, HIPAA, FedRAMP, HiTRUST, and PCI-regulated environments.


The Best of the Best

We staff our operational support team with senior-level cloud experts. Throughout all of their combined years of experience, they’ve built the skills to deal with issues as they happen and stay educated on what’s coming next. That depth of knowledge and hunger equips them with everything they need to ensure that your environment runs smoothly and efficiently. They take a big picture look at managing your environment and sweat the details so you don’t have to.


A Tailored Approach to Operational Support

We offer three different levels of operational support in addition to several add-on services so you can tailor your support based on your needs. Between our Foundation, Standard, and Premium levels, we offer everything from monitoring and backups to weekly vulnerability scanning and anomalous behavior detection. If you need additional operational support outside of our three levels, we also offer add-ons like penetration testing, DDoS protection configuration, security evaluations, and more.

Vulnerability Scanning
Basic Patching
Certificate and Cloud Provider Maintenance
CloudNative Identity Access Management
Disaster Recovery Planning
Data Loss Prevention
Secrets Management
Infrastructure Improvements Review
Cost Optimization Review
Emergency Security Patching
Weekly Vulnerability Scanning
System Software Upgrade Recommendations
Third-Party Update Recommendations
DevOps and Automation Recommendations
Anomalous Behavior Detection & Log Analysis
Security Information Event Management

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