Give Your Technical Abilities a Boost

Staff Augmentation

Adding the right technical talent to your team is hard. Especially when you need to scale fast without a lengthy hiring process.

MentorMate staff augmentation remotely integrates into your organization and quickly scales as your needs grow. Think of us as an extension of your current technical capabilities. You don’t even have to invite us to your company party. Although, we probably wouldn’t turn down the offer.


Increase Your Development Velocity

Whether you need to quickly spin up a long-term development team or you’re looking for some dedicated developers to work through your backlog, our staff augmentation strategy will help. Web, mobile, front-end, back-end… our staff augmentation team is highly-skilled in all modern development languages and technologies. Plus, our entire global team is 100% fluent in English and works an adapted work day to overlap with U.S. working hours. This makes communication easy and integration into your organization a breeze.


Ongoing Quality Checks For Your Backlog

When you have a dedicated team of developers working through your backlog, it’s critical to QA all of those bug fixes and new features before they get released. By staffing one of our QA experts to your team, you get access to one of the best QA teams in the world. We use a custom mix of manual testing, compatibility testing, performance testing, automation engineering, and continuous integration. Additionally, our accessibility testing ensures that your product remains usable by all people.


Your Team and Ours Working Together

Today more than ever, blended teams are the backbone of successful software projects. Scaling your product, adding features, working through backlogs… your internal staff working alongside our offshore teams produces amazing results on all these fronts. All that while keeping costs manageable and saving yourself an arduous hiring process. We integrate so seamlessly with your business that you’ll forget there’s an ocean separating us.

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