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Our technology experts bring the energy, the passion and the knowledge that separates MentorMate from the pack. Leaders in every way, our team adopts early and learns fast. Get to know them.
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Technology Experts Partnering with You

Stefan Tzanev

VP of Operations

Jay Miller

VP of Client Experience

Craig Knighton

VP of Strategic Consulting

Jessica Anderson

Director of Finance & HR

Liz Spolyar

Director of Project Management

Annika Hey

Creative Director

Nick Curran

Director of US Development

Jeni Kyuchukova

Director of Quality and Process

Ivaylo Kostadinov

Director of Software Development – .NET

Katherine Kelly

Operations Manager

Vesselin Dobrev

General Manager

Georgi Dormishev

System Administration Manager

Nikolay Lyubchev

Marketing & Recruitment Manager

Krasimir.K Nikolov

Software Development Manager – LAMP & Front-end

Eleonora Georgieva

Software Development Manager – Android & Java

Stefan Tsvyatkov

Software Development Manager – iOS

Atanas Atanasov

Software Development Manager – Agile Frameworks

Filip Gajtanovski

Software Development Manager – Storyworks

Sylvia Vassileva

Software Development Manager – Spok

Georgi Petkov

Software Development Manager


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