Enterprise Architect, Tireless Mentor, Cosmic Beer Drinker

Ben Wallace

Ben’s professional journey is all about systems, security, and compliance. He’s been active in the field since 2006 and has held various positions from network architect to security administrator. At MentorMate, he’s part of the Technical Architecture team, and since he joined us in 2021, he’s worked on many projects helping to ensure practical security and compliance for many of our clients

Security and compliance are his passion, and he plans to remain in this sector. He’s just finished a course in the IEC 62304 compliance standard, which covers the development and maintenance of software for medical devices. Ben has also participated in and passed multiple HITRUST audits over the last six years.

Looking back, he can see it as one of his most notable professional milestones when, with the help of a two-person team, he was able to bring a medical application company to HITRUST compliance in under a year.

What’s curious about Ben’s life outside of work? He’s launched two beers into space on two separate occasions, tracked them, retrieved them, and drank them. To the best of his knowledge, he’s drunk more space beer than anyone he knows of. What’s more, he loves adventure motorcycle camping trips and downhill mountain biking.

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