Consuelo Merino - Director of Operations at MentorMate Paraguay

Organizational Leader & Optimistic Urban Gardener

Consuelo Merino

Consuelo Merino - Director of Operations at MentorMate Paraguay

Consuelo Merino is a product designer and organization leader with years of experience working on international innovation projects. She has worked for various educational organizations since high school. Consuelo is passionate about building communities that have trust as the main foundation for organized efforts leading to achieve a common goal. She was the President of the Catholic University’s Faculty of Science and Technology Student Union.

She also worked on training and implementation of a university distance education program for Paraguay.

Consu is a natural leader that has created processes and procedures that excite creativity, ingenuity, problem-solving, and community.

She is the first to give applause and the first to jump in and find a way to get a project or issue moving. She is a breath of fresh air when things get wonky and the first to “whiteboard it out” or to come up with a new approach to get everyone on the same page.

In her spare time, she is learning how to have an urban garden, in an attempt to lower her carbon footprint. So far, she has only eaten 10 cherry tomatoes from her own garden but she’s an optimist.

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